perfecting upholstered furniture for over 50 years

Le Jeune is a family business founded by Osmundo and Consuelo Alvarez, who began the company reupholstering and restoring fine antiques in 1971. Their children Gerry, Fernando, and Alex grew up in the business, learning the art from their earliest years. Eventually, they pivoted the business to interior designers and architects working in the residential and commercial industry. They added the design of high-end custom furniture, restoration, and continued the art of reupholstery

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state-of-the-art craftsmanship

 The process begins with a detailed comprehension of “the story” you want to tell. Your story is translated into an elaborate product description and specifications. A special “fitting” is included before construction, and a final sampling in muslin is provided before the furniture is finished. Innovation can be hard, that is why we partner with you to design your vision.


Fifty years after the inception of Le Jeune Upholstery, it remains one of the top workrooms in the nation. The brothers are perfectly balanced as they split the responsibility harmoniously in the following way: Gerry handles plant operations, Fernando handles sales and furniture design, and Alex handles sales and marketing. Clearly, the business has evolved considerably through the years, starting as a reupholstery workroom, and today is one of the largest and finest workrooms for custom furniture. Together they created the Le Jeune Studio, a showroom to feature their classic and contemporary designs. 



Connie, was our mother and co-founder (and original seamstress) of the business. She was also an Oval-Lactovegetarian woman who lived a holistic lifestyle for over thirty years. She believed that at the center of our success was keeping our bodies and minds as healthy and as strong as possible to meet today’s business demands. She created Connie’s Corner, an in-house kitchen that served fresh, organic, Ovo-Lacto cuisine, to the family, employees, and clients. Her kitchen is still “open for business” and in use today, and we believe, a huge part of our success.”


Lucas Alvarez LA6 Foundation honors Lucas by providing academic scholarships and funding for individuals to achieve their dreams by attending vocational/technical schools. 

We believe that everyone has a God-given talent. Our foundation gives individuals an opportunity to explore and capitalize on those talents, all the while paving the way for a future filled with hope and success.