Le Jeune Upholstery

Sleek lines. Elegant design. Durability with class.

Le Jeune Upholstery is South Florida’s leading manufacturer of original and custom upholstery. Dedicated to quality craftsmanship and customer satisfaction, this family-owned and operated company has been in business since 1971.

Le Jeune Upholstery serves a variety of upholstery solutions for our clients. With an in-house team designing original pieces to showcase, this dynamic group also creates custom designs for our clients. We also specialize in contract designs that are perfect for corporate, healthcare, higher education and hospitality markets.

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Original Designs

At Le Jeune Upholstery, originality is key. We feel that our clients deserve a design as unique as they are, so we design and create our own furniture pieces. Having over 90 designs to pick from, our clients can choose a piece that best suits their needs.

Working with the highest quality textiles and the most durable materials, our team guarantees our clients’ satisfaction.

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Custom Furniture

If you can dream it, we can make it. Le Jeune Upholstery offers our clients the ability to create your own custom design. Our team caters to your every need, making your design concept come to life. We meet with our clients to discuss aesthetics, proportions, and comfort so we can create your perfect piece.

With over 30 years of experience, our team can work in both residential and commercial settings ensuring the order is done right and on time. As part of our services, we include a “fitting” for every customer that orders custom furniture prior to construction. Then, we provide a final sampling in muslin before the furniture is finished and delivered to ensure customer satisfaction.

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Contract Furniture

If you are seeking manufactured furniture for a large enterprise such as a corporation, healthcare facility, higher education institution or hospitality building, we are the manufacturer for you. Our furniture is built for high resistance, specially made to withstand high traffic areas while appearing elegant and sleek.

Le Jeune Upholstery’s contract furniture is specially designed to withstand the wear and tear of frequent use. Made of the finest and most durable materials, our furniture will meet all fire codes and other specifications that may be required. Our contract furniture is featured in our general collection, but is offered at discounted prices once the client specifies if the job is for contract use.

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Le Jeune Upholstery started our business providing reupholstering and restoration to fine antiques. Most of our success originated from our excellent craftsmanship and high quality materials. Providing the best in customer satisfaction, Le Jeune Upholstery built our high-standing reputation in this field.

Serving both commercial and residential clients, we refurbish contemporary furniture as well as antiques. We ensure that all antique pieces are restored to meet their previous glory quickly and correctly.

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